April 11th    Lit a Tent, live session – PMX2018  Ramallah, Palestine

April 20th    NAU BOSTIK – “HOME” – Barcelona, Spain

April 24th    ACUD MACHT NEU – “Nuance” – Berlin, Germany

June 30th   Petit Bain – Palest’In & Out Festival  – Paris, France

July 8th   Feel Festival – Germany

August 17th   Artlake Festival – Germany



P R E V I O U S   P E R F O R M A N C E S


February  22nd  It’s a Bar, Berlin

February 8th  Be’kech, Berlin

January 25th – 28th  “Across the middle, Past the East” Sophiensaele, Berlin

December 23rd  Kabareet, Haifa

December 22nd  Gunned Down Horses Guest, Levontin7

December 16th  LIWAN, Nazareth

December 7th  Oblomov, Berlin

November 29th  Helsinki, Finland

November 24th  DDS – Alte Münze, Berlin

November 17th  BABYLON, Berlin

October 28th  Mad Monkey, Berlin

October 6th  Full Band – Kabareet, Haifa

October 5th  Ladies Rock Night Fundraiser THE SCENE, Haifa

September 28th  Meaky’s, Tarshiha

September 27th Double Feature w/ Maysa Daw. Anna Lou Lou, Jaffa

September 22nd  Palestine Alternative Music Festival PAM fest. Amman, Jordan.

September 20th  Give A Home – Sofar Sounds Show, Berlin

September 9th  TreeHouse, Nazareth

September 8th  Palestine Alternative Music Festival, PAM fest, Bethlehem.

September 6th  Hayelala support. Syncopa, Haifa

August 18th  La Forge Festival, Paris

August 5th  Floating Castle Festival, Slovenia

August 4th  Floating Castle Festival, Slovenia

June 24th   Glastonbury Festival / Pussy Parlure Stage 11pm, UK

June 10th   Syncopa Bar, Haifa

May 20th   Double B Studio, Haifa

May 19th   Al Ma’amal Foundation for Contemporary art, Jerusalem

May 4th   THE BEAT, Haifa

April 5th  Palestine Music Expo – Grandpark Hotel, Ramallah

April 3rd  Duo with Mark Smulian – Fattoush, Haifa

April 1st  Trio – Kabareet, Haifa

March 30th  HaStudio Theater, Haifa

March 22nd  DOUBLE B Studio, Haifa

March 2nd   Syncopa, Haifa

February 24th  Tsuzamen, Tel Aviv

January 28th   Gunned Down Horses Orchestra  – THE BEAT, Haifa

January 20th   DOUBLE B Studio

December 27th   Pergamon, Jerusalem.

December 23rd   Levontin7, Tel Aviv.

December 22nd   Radio, Ramallah.

December 21st   Kabareet, Haifa.

December 2nd  Corner’s – Amman, Jordan. Collaboration w/Farah Chamma

November 12th  Ft. Shaden Nahra – House Concert, Jerusalem

October 29th  Diyar Dance Theater, Bethlehem

September 25th  Taybeh Oktoberfest – Tayhbeh

September 9th  PAM Festival – Palestine Alternative Music Festival

August 30th   “The Taste of a Pineapple” – Doobie’s, Haifa

August 26th   Arabelle’s Gallery, Haifa

August 18th  Nemala Studio, Haifa

July 21st –  Levontin7, Tel Aviv.

June 11th   La Bellevilloise, Pèlerinage en décalage Festival, Paris.

June 9th   “AM I” EP Launch Show @ Kabareet Haifa.

May 26th  Writers Festival, Jerusalem.
Performance of sound, choreography and text – Collaboration with Bar Altaras.

May 10th  Performance at the welcoming of Martin Luther King III in Haifa, Musawa Center

April 29th   Al-Saraya Theatre, Jaffa.

April 6th  TransPecos, New York, NY.

April 5th   Bossa, Washington DC.

February 21st   Rockwood Music Hall, New York, NY.

January 20th   Rasha Nahas Trio @ Kabareet Haifa.