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اسم علم مؤنث عربي، أصله "رشاء"، وهو الطبيُ إذا قوي وتحرَّك ومشى مع أمه. والرشا أيضاً: شجرة تسمو فوق القامة، ورقها كورق الخروع ولا ثمر لها، ولا يأكلها أ؛د. والمعنى الأول هو المسمَّى به. وهو من أسماء القيان.

اصل اسم رَشا: عربي


ولد الغزال والظبي الصغير

اصل اسم رشأ: عربي

"Nahas has theatricality of Weimar cabaret with added violins and rockabilly"

- The Guardian

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As a genre-defying, narrative-focused artist, Rasha Nahas has been crafting a keenly singular music universe, cultivated in and loyal to the underground. 


Driven by candid lyrics with disarming vulnerability, the Palestinian multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter who now resides in Berlin, started her relationship with music at the early age of 10 as a classical guitarist. It wasn’t until her teens that she would begin writing and playing her own songs, carving a place in her hometown’s underground scene. 


Nahas made her first release with English-language EP, ‘Am I’ (2016). Produced between Bristol and Haifa. 


Complemented by compelling live performances, Nahas secured tours across Europe, South America, the UK and West Asia, including shows at SIM São Paulo, Glastonbury Festival, Midem, Sziget and Palestine Music Expo.


In early 2021, she released her critically acclaimed, theatrical-poetic rock debut album, ‘Desert’, which chronicled her journey from Haifa to Berlin. It was featured by BBC4’s Loose Ends, the Spotify-produced podcast, Spotify:Mic Check, as well as broad national and international TV and radio coverage.  Following the release, she made a special appearance at Berlin International Film Festival’s Teddy Awards, and showcased at Brighton’s The Great Escape Festival and was among the first to receive the Bertha Foundation Artivism Award. 


Her sophomore LP, 'Amrat', released in January 2023 via leading UK independent label Cooking Vinyl was Rasha's first foray into Arabic-language lyrics. A sentimental body of work laden with nostalgia and longing, ‘Amrat’ is a two-chapter album maneuvering seamlessly between the thematic duality of urban and rural landscapes.  Recorded at 67 Studio in the occupied Golan Heights, it featured contributions from some of the most respected founding musicians of the indie-scene in Palestine. Nahas’ signature songwriting is enveloped by tender vocalization and a constellation of percussion that journeys across West Asia, North Africa, and back to urban Berlin. The compelling album was celebrated with sold-out release shows in Germany and saw Rasha embark on a wider European tour, including cities across Germany, Netherlands, UK, France, Austria and Sweden to name but a few. 


Nahas also has extensive experience as a writer and composer for film and theater productions, including writing a range of pieces for Berlin’s performing arts scene and Hamburg’s Thalia Theater.

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