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اسم علم مؤنث عربي، أصله "رشاء"، وهو الطبيُ إذا قوي وتحرَّك ومشى مع أمه. والرشا أيضاً: شجرة تسمو فوق القامة، ورقها كورق الخروع ولا ثمر لها، ولا يأكلها أ؛د. والمعنى الأول هو المسمَّى به. وهو من أسماء القيان.

اصل اسم رَشا: عربي


ولد الغزال والظبي الصغير

اصل اسم رشأ: عربي

"Nahas has theatricality of Weimar cabaret with added violins and rockabilly"

- The Guardian

Palestinian singer-songwriter and instrumentalist Rasha Nahas was born and raised in Haifa, and currently lives and works in Berlin. 

A classical guitarist since the age of 10, Rasha has long been crafting a sound that moves seamlessly between the resonances of early rock ‘n’ roll and the reckless echoes of free jazz, complemented by her distinctive approach to songwriting and performance.


The unmistakable sonic landscapes and unique artistic identity that she has constructed were shaped in no small part by the underground scene of her hometown, Haifa; giving rise to a vivid mélange of electric guitars, classical technique, and fierce yet intimate storytelling weaved with bold, unabashed poetry and howling violins. 

Rasha’s ‘Am I’ (2016) EP and captivating live performances saw her embark on tours across Europe, South America, the UK and the Middle East, including shows at Glastonbury Festival, SIM São Paulo, Midem, Sziget, Palestine Music Expo, and many other festivals and venues around the world. 

She has also performed and composed music for theater and performance art. Since relocating to Germany, she has worked on numerous dance and theater pieces for prestigious venues such as Tanz im August (Berlin) and Thalia Theater (Hamburg).


"Nahas has the theatricality of Weimar cabaret with added violins and rockabilly." 

- The Guardian 

“This young performer displays vast musical knowledge, evident in her song writing, whilst being evocative in her emotional delivery and dynamic stage presence.” 

- Reform The Funk