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Jasmin Albash 

Jenny “La Nefera”

Maysa Daw

Rasha Nahas


"Kallemi"كلّمي" is a result of a collaborative musical project between Swiss, Dominican and Palestinian musicians, that was born on the path between Basel and Ramallah.

Blending deep buttery beats with world influenced percussions, dipped in distorted unapologetic guitars - soulful, delicate yet fierce singing added with Arabic, English and Latino Hip-Hop.

The band started as an exchange project that was initiated by Kaserne Basel, in which the group first met in Ramallah and worked intensely focusing on a one-time show. Yet straight after finishing the performance and getting off the stage in Basel, it was clear for everyone that the project will not stop here.

The band "Kallemi"كلّمي" was formed in October 2018, this organic one of a kind fusion in which each brings her own worlds of sound, language, genre, approach to stage, performance, songwriting and identity.

Each of the women, is involved in her own solo career as well as involvement in other musical projects in which each seeks challenges, artistic growth and new musical experiences.

This freshly born band, although active for few months only, recently started working with a booking agency “Glad We Met” for bookings in Switzerland, and due to embark on a world tour in Germany, Switzerland, Palestine and Canada, gathering loyal followers around the globe while writing and producing their debut EP scheduled to be released in Summer 2020.

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